How to publish a sign

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You can publish from the Sign page or from the Finder. Select the Sign you want to publish, then click Publish.

• Publish Now will publish immediately.

• Stage Now stages the changes to the account but not to the units.

• Publish Later publishes the changes to go live at a specified date and time.

• Stage Later and Publish Later will stage the changes in the account at a specified date and time and then will publish the changes and go live at a specified date and time.

• You can cancel a future publish by selecting Unpublish.

Price Sheet values are not updated by default. This is to prevent Price Sheet values from being overwritten if you need to re-publish. For example, if you need to republish, but do not want to wipe out prices already entered in Price Sheets by users or have run an integration. If you need to overwrite Price Sheets, uncheck the box.

Exclude Units provides a way to exclude one or more units from being published.

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