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Sign is the top level in the hierarchy

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In Menuboard Manager, the Sign is the top level in the hierarchy. A sign is a container for presentations. You can have as many presentations on a sign as you’d like. The Sign page has several tabs across the top.

  • Presentations

  • Schedule

  • Locations

  • Groups

  • Properties

The default tab is the presentations tab.

Presentations will be listed on the left-hand side. You can reorder presentations by dragging them up or down in the list. Select a presentation to show the quick editor. You can quickly edit some basic functions of the playlist, as well as field values, CSS, HTML, javascript, and fonts. Click them and the preview is shown on the right-hand side.

The schedule tab is where you schedule presentations on a 24-hour timeline. Click the schedule tab, then either create a new schedule or assign an existing schedule. You can then drag presentations from the associated sign onto slots in the schedule. Double-click the timeline to add additional slots.

Schedules default to daily, but you can also make a schedule, weekly. For weekly schedules, click the pencil icon, and then move days into their own slots by unchecking, then click done. You can then drag presentations listed on the right, into slots in the schedule.

The locations tab is used to assign locations to a sign. This is an important step if you’re using price sheets and/or integration. Locations are set up in the locations app and must be created before they appear in the list of locations for a Sign.

The Groups tab is used to assign groups for a sign. Groups enable you to publish one too many locations. Each location would have its own price sheet so that it can have localized pricing. Publishing to a group will deliver the same content to all units in the group, with just a few clicks. You will need to set up groups and tag units before making group assignments in a sign.

The properties tab is where you select the sign scheduling type. You can choose to either use a schedule or you can rotate presentations on the sign on a timed interval.

You can edit the presentation on the Presentations tab by double-clicking the presentation name on the left. This will open the presentation editor.

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