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The Finder, Bookmarks, and Trash

How to use the Menuboard Manager Studio Finder

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When you first log in to Menuboard Manager, you land on the Finder Page. The Finder Page is the file directory. You can organize files and folders however you'd like.

To move into a folder, double-click the folder. The back button will take you back home. The Breadcrumbs across the top show your location in the file structure and provide additional navigation.

The buttons on the left-hand side will filter the Finder view to show either all files. Or only signs, presentations, media, schedules, or price sheets.

You can move folders and files to the Trash. Select the item to delete, then click the Delete button. Items moved to the Trash will remain there for 100 days, then will automatically be purged. If you would like to empty the Trash immediately, click Empty Trash. You can restore Trashed items. Select the item to restore, then click the Restore button.

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