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Dynamic Presentations in Rotation
Dynamic Presentations in Rotation

How to rotate presentations on timed interval

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You can have multiple presentations on a sign. The presentations can be set to rotate on a timed interval. This method is especially useful when you have dynamic text fields and point-of-sale integration when each presentation needs to have its own fields, relevant to the image or video background.

Instructions for setting up a sign with multiple presentations on a timed interval:

  1. Create a sign

  2. Add or create a presentation on the sign

  3. Add or create a second presentation on the sign (you can have as many presentations on a sign as you'd like)

  4. On the Sign page, go to the sign properties tab

  5. Change the Sign Scheduling drop-down to "Rotate presentations on a timed interval"

  6. Set the interval you prefer

  7. Publish the sign

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