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Units Manager

Provisioning & Remote Management

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The Units Manager is where you provision Units when they come online for the first time.

In the list view, you can see all units in the realm (that you have permission to). As well as the connection status, last connection, unit ID, serial number and more.

A new Unit will be displaying a registration code on-screen. Use this registration code to find the Unit in the list.

Double-click a Unit in the list to see the Unit details.

Name the Unit, then assign a Location, and Sign.

Next, tag the unit so that it appears in your desired Group. You may need to create the Tags first.

In the Remote Management section, click Reload App. The Unit will reload and download the Sign.

Take a screenshot to see the content that’s playing on the Unit.

The buttons on the left side filter the list view to show All Units, Units with No Location Assignment, Units that are online, Units that are offline

To delete a Unit from the realm, select it in the list view, then click Delete. This moves the Unit to the Trash. Items in the Trash will remain for 100 days, then be automatically purged. If you would like to empty the Trash immediately, click Empty Trash. You can restore a Unit from the Trash by selecting it, then click Restore.

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