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Content Design Request Process
Content Design Request Process

What we need from you, to provide a menu design

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We can provide graphic design, animation, and programming. In order to do so, we will need some information from you. The designing timeline is typically done within 10 days. Services are billed hourly.

If you have a brand standards document you can share, that would be appreciated.

If you already have content or are utilizing an outside designer, here are our Content Guidelines.

The process for content design typically is:

  1. Gather assets

  2. Design an initial draft of one menu

  3. Design the remaining menus

  4. Present completed design(s)

  5. Program dynamic text elements if required, usually after 30 days, in case the menu design changes, which is often the case.

The following required information will help expedite the process.

  1. Menu design orientation (landscape, portrait, or both)

  2. Provide a list of menus that need to be designed, including day parts (for example, Breakfast, Lunch that will be scheduled on the same menu board)

  3. If you are using day parting, what time of day do you need to switch menus?

  4. Brand-standard custom fonts (.otf, .ttf format)

  5. Brand logo

  6. Color guidelines

  7. Existing menu (photos) for reference

  8. PDF version of the menu including prices

  9. Food photography to be included in the menu design (we may be able to provide stock photos if you need them)

  10. Do you require dynamic text programming for prices or other dynamic elements?

  11. Does your organization use point-of-sale integration?

  12. Final design proof due date requested

Please complete this form to get the process started:

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