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Install Menuboard Manager on Chromecast with Google TV (2023 model)
Install Menuboard Manager on Chromecast with Google TV (2023 model)

How to set tup a Chromecast or Google TV with Menuboard Manager

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Menuboard Manager is capable of running on a Chromecast or Google TV (2023 or newer).

Setup Instructions:

  1. Unpack Chromecast, Remote, Power Supply, Cord, Batteries

  2. Install batteries in remote

  3. Attach power cable to Chromecast

  4. Install the Chromecast behind your TV or monitor

  5. Power on the TV or monitor

  6. Set the monitor to HDMI

  7. Select your language

  8. Connect the Chromecast to WiFi

  9. Setup without Google Home App or Setup with Remote

  10. Sign in with your Google Account

  11. Allow some time for updates & setup

  12. Open Google Play Store:

    1. Press Home

    2. Go to Settings

    3. Goto Apps

    4. Select See all Apps

    5. Select Show System Apps

    6. Select Google Play Store

  13. Search for Menuboard Manager

  14. Install Menuboard Manager

  15. Open Menuboard Manager

  16. Scan the on-screen QR code to go to Android support page

  17. Initiate a Chat

  18. Enter URL provided by our Support Team

  19. Click "Allow" access to photos & videos when prompted

  20. Go to System/Cast and set to "Never"

Chromecast & Google TV Security

The ability to cast or stream media from other devices to a Chromecast or Google TV can leave your device vulnerable to unauthorized access. Additionally, the casting feature allows for your device to be publicly discoverable, making it more susceptible to potential attacks.

Disable Casting on Chromecast and Google TV

In order to help secure your device, we have provided instructions for disabling the casting feature below.

Disable Casting Instructions:

  1. Press Home

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Go to Casting

  4. Disable Casting

Additional Recommended Settings

Un-Install all apps except Menuboard Manager

  1. Press Home

  2. Go to each app and long-press and select "View Details"

  3. Select Uninstall

Disable Ambient Mode App (Screensaver)

  1. Press Home

  2. Press to Settings

  3. Go to App

  4. Go to Ambient Mode app and disable it

Turn on App-Only Mode to simplify the Home screen

  1. Press Home

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Accounts & Sign In

  4. Enable "Apps only mode"

  5. Press Home to see changes

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