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Real-Time Order Confirmation
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Real-Time Order Confirmation is now available in Menuboard Manager. An order confirmation board will display orders on the screen as they are being keyed into the point-of-sale system, providing the customer with a visual display of the order that improves the customer experience and ensures order accuracy.

The order confirmation can be displayed full-screen or on a portion of the screen. All aspects of the visual display can be customized, for example, the order confirmation display size and position on the screen, the background color, fonts, and more.

Data flows from the point-of-sale system to the order confirmation board when an order is started. As items are added to the order, the screen displays the item, price, quantity, tax, and total. It’s also possible to display product images. Once the order is complete, a “thank you” message is displayed momentarily, then the screen is ready for the next order. The point of sale sends the complete data set every time there’s an update to the order, including the calculated tax and the order’s grand total.

Order confirmation is especially useful in drive-thru applications, but it’s possible to use an order confirmation board for any screen running Menuboard Manager.

A style guide is provided showing the default layout, example JSON, and more.

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